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In February 1989 the company under the name of Ralf Ebert Datatron System Service was established. The business resulted from the sale of single-user computers. At the same time increased the demand for specialty applications. By this way the study focus shifted to computer science and the learning of programming languages such as Basic, Pascal, dBase, Clipper, SQL, Delphi, html, php, java script ...

In the year of 1995, there was a brief collaboration with Susanne Albrecht. We both worked as lecturers in the earlier School-Institute IBIS in Naumburg and Freyburg. From the two surnames Albrecht and Ebert, the target area Europe and 'Kommunikation' as a working object resulted in the present name: Alert Euro Kom.

Through further training in the IT sector and the implementation of expertise in specific order projects we have developed a good reputation by our customers. We analyze the current need to create a functional specification and programming according to the individual needs. The installation is done on time! On request we organize computer training for various departments, locally or on another site. We offer special courses in RAS and TCP/IP, Server and Routing.


About us  
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